he asked if she would stop / she said yes but not when

oh mothers
who tend to like a son’s girl
not so much the girl’s boy
and fathers
who tend to be opposite from the mother
and those that no body is good enough:
“Let your children go.”
no one is the property of another
birth certificates and marriage licenses
are not titles of real estate
they are papers marking beginnings
deaths and divorces marking endings

“Listen to the children, watch the children;
know their angers, know their fears,
know if they are bullies or friendlies;
then wipe their tears.”

Oh Democrats and Republicans
“they’ve” made donkeys and elephants out of
otherwise independent voters who still trust
their very own common sense
“If we don’t ask better questions
we will live in common fear.”

This morning, Washington’s Journal, Brian Lamb
asked call-in-viewers, “How would you find compromise,
on the stalemate between congress and Bush?”

This respondent says it is the stalemate
that prolongs the Iraqi war which, by association,
requires Top Dog Dems AND Top Dog Reps,
as they agree to a permanent military presence in Iraq
and privitizing Iraqi oil,
which adds up to why the Top Dogs
had “no exit strategy.”