Bush Speak, Dick’s Brain

Wha da ya mean
I cant surge thru to the end of my term
you see the Dems stopping me?
Didn’t Dick tell ’em, you know,
those things called “them the people”,
hell’s belly, even Saddam told ’em
“It will be a blood bath if we,
the US, attack them.”
(Dick always speaks King’s English)
What was the plan going in?
“We’ll low ball the troops in,
not enough to save their infrastructure,
their museum, but enough to guard the oil fields,
then, when civil war breaks out,
we will have no choice but to stay,
and we’ll get our “surge”
and we’ll keep “surging”
till all their oil is under control,
our Iraqi embassy filled with our friends,
and most important our military bases
well you heard what Osama first said
“Get out of Saudi Arabia”
so we did
so we needed a new one…
There’s no way
they’ll get
This, Emperor’s cloths!

OK, Lil Bush
time for your therapy.