The Petraeus Dish

who needs a hell
when the anguish is so great
in the flashbacks of our lives
in a nation soo chasmically divided
all sides accusations holding a piece of the truth
it was a bird
a flippin’ floppin’ toady bird
that bit the apple
that Eve gave Adam
and a Snake
that slick-slacked US to war.
was 9/11 a near death experience for US?
are we so angry we were lied to
we would rather support the lie
than admit we were duped
bases loaded
3 balls and two strikes
hear the tick tocking?
here comes the next ball…
Petraeus, the pitcher
Bush, his commander in chief
Cheney, signals the pitcher
Ryan Crocker, the catcher,
from Walla Walla,
the ambassador to the largest embassy in the world,
the catcher.

Petraeus winds up
leg up, arm back
will it be another low ball
or three strikes and yer out
at yer