Diana West looses her haditha

(quotations are Diana West’s very own words)

“The enemy of Iraq comes from Haditha.”

Haditha, translated means Humanity, so Diana West is saying the enemy is Humanity!

“Haditha, of course, is the Iraqi town where American troops are alleged to have killed civilians on Nov. 19, 2005.”

And don’t be fooled by live video pictures of the event or eye witness testimony.

“,,,American society…suicidal and self-loathing…suicidal and self-loathing… suicidal and self-loathingl…”

Click your heels and repeat three times…

“…Haditha is portrayed as the culmination of the war…”

?Culmination?: a concluding action. Oh Dorthy! If it were only so!!!

“…even as we giddily judge ourselves guilty as thrillingly charged.”

Giddily guilty? Is that how the guilty avoid depression?

“It is high time to redefine the mission: What we should aim for is an Iraq that is not a terrorist threat, not an Iraq that is a democratic paradigm.”

And this Third Definition will work as a charm? No WMD’s! No Democracy! Another US puppet government then?

“But what if we accept the politically incorrect fact that our failure to establish liberty and justice for all in Iraq — namely, freedom of conscience and equality before the law — is due to the nature of Islamic culture, not to the efficacy of American efforts?”

But what if we accept the facts in Chalmers Johnson’s new book “The Sorrows of Empire” before America loses it’s soul?

“… focus on the formidable military task of fighting jihad in Iraq and beyond — eliminating, deporting and containing the threat as needed. This is a global war with many fronts, from Iran to Syria to Gaza to quite a few neighborhoods in Toronto, London and elsewhere. It is time to arrive at new ways and means to fight on them.”

Heaven knows
Rome was not built in a day!