Carl Rove Laughs Last (?)

(:here she goes thar she comes:)
we can dream that laugh is last
:)under her head over toes(:
now could be a good time for Bonesmen
to see the tears and grief they have created
No more plastic smiles to keep
blood-drinking bonesmen at bay
(: toy dogs in a tree cowbones at the fence:)
now that we know bonesmen drink
from Geronimo’s skull naïfs also know
they can create magic out of anything a’ tall
nidifugous birds avarian flu Not
just another Fear Factor
now open your magic book, page one:
“Better you had never been born
than suffer the blowback of black magic.”

Carl Rove laughs no more.
Palestinian leader Afif Safich
calls for nonviolent resistance to occupation.
Gandhi lives!