Divine Is A Verb, Who’s Nature Is Love

O Spring
hopes eternal

Barak Obama: “Nobody is suffering more than the Palestinian people.”
Ed Koch prefers his readers to believe they brought it on themselves
by opposing the carving out of Israel from Palestinian land, since 1948.

Even if Koch believes “they brought it on themselves”
it does not negate Barak Obama’s statement, as in,
the Palestinians have more death and suffering than the Israelis.

It’s still Springtime in the Rockies
Thumper seys No
the public will not be distracted from the war in Iraq
all Bush minor-Gates only polish the looking glass
into all the illegal activity of the current US government
that have committed this most vile of crimes:
mass killings perpetrated with lies

O Spring
some flowers will freeze to death before fruiting
and some will not
some songbirds will be eaten by cats
but others will continue their song.