The Slow Bleed Is of the US Treasury

or, how to take down a country that values
money over human hearts
they will spend themselves into slavery
until they are owned by the slaves
call it their Money God who leads them
“the only way up Jacob’s ladder is down”
the more America spends itself to death
the more Osama bin Laden wins.
Call Osama Satan if you will, whose
original definition was Protagonist,
or call him a personified devil
who tempts Bush with undreamed of power,
or take the Pentagon that assures him
they can take out any person or nation
he so wishes.
The fear mongers cry,
“Wake Up America and never forget
The peace chanters chant,
“Wake Up America! Man or mouse,
you are blindly following a Pied Piper
fluting the ditty “fly and buy”
and the cliff is fast approaching,
Wake Up America,
and remember the meaning of

Iraq is not a civil war it is a War of Revenge
It started as a War of Revenge for Bush
Now it is a War of Revenge on the Iraqi Sunni.