For Shame! Dr. Pepper!


i’ll take my heroes jolly and green
you can suck up your jeep riding
muscled hero showing how great
tossing a Dr. Pepper can
to litter our earth.

someone fooled the wool on you!
he he he he man drink beer
tosses his can in our public parks
uses live trees for targets
while his ol’ woman
tosses disposable diapers
next to our clean water running

whadda ya tink, yo mon, yo wo’mon
ya radder be reincarnated as a tree target
or a dirty disposable diaper
taking 250-500 years
before disintegration
before the next reincarnation?

i agree
maybe we do maybe we don’t
and/or if we do maybe
we stay in our own species
well then
is it surely possible
we reincarnate in a different country,
in a different skin, in a different religious family

would this not be karmic balance
if we are born into any of the above
that we hated and/or abused or refused
aid or comfort
because they were “different”?

No, I won’t drink you Dr. Pepper
or Coke
or Pepsi
not because of your offensive ad
big But because
sugar is poison to the human body.

Hootie says it’s not too late Dr. Pepper
get your kicks away from Route 66
and down the green path
of sustainability
ours and yours.