Her Own Water Lou


how long ago i toad ya
i’ll die for my own sins
now and since i tell ya
thar’s more understanding
of what dies
and what is reborn
time passing insight…

unintended pain
has consequence
not all bad

intended pain?
Jeepers how the old Gods
inflicted pain on one another
got lightning bolts?
or does your cup runneth over with mercy?
wasn’t there a precise measure
in tit-for-tat
and didn’t we all go blind
to the bright shining mirror
of reflecting eyes?
remember this one reflection
“i saw the enemy and is was me”
once seen
“life unexamined is not a life”

this is my story and this is my lou
if i hurt you i hurt too
sometimes before, sometimes after.
some are more conscious now –
i know i am

and who would not hope for,
not wish for, not work for,
the evolution
of our human consciousness

ain’t it a long road back home?

and if there is no back
and if there is no “hereafter”,
is human kindness counsiousness
not worth the work?

do we need to choose between the acorn and the tree?
chicken or egg?
you or me?
can we hear the children crying,
“Why can’t we all get along!?”