Happy Birthday Mister President

at the stroke of your veto pen
every ensuing US military death
will become solely yours
it will no longer matter if
you are someone’s puppet(s)
who’s threat is death,
or in the least exile,
on your life and/or loved ones
Today the Washington Post quotes you saying,
“the American people will know who to hold responsible
if funding for the war stalls, the Democrats.”
“This war without end has gone on far too long,”
Pelosi said, “and we are here to end it.”
it is Their Power that checks Your Power
handed to you by known elements of
American Corporate Power
with the temptation of The World’s Super Power
p.s. courage and compassion are common sense
p.p.s we all get as many birthdays
as learning from eurekas we allow
ourselves and others

yrs sincerely,
Marilyn Monroe