Serving at the pleasure of the President

when one is chosen to serve and they accept
who gave the president the authority
to fire at his pleasure
without cause?
and who believes any firings were just a “whim”
translates to he can fire with a political reason
and claims it is only at his “pleasure”
well of course dummy 101
his “pleasure” is his party slinging
manufactured mud
via his pleasured attorney generals
if Mr. President only fired 8
that leaves 75 appointees he
is not displeasured with…
More importantly
George Bush built his own tree
full of his pleasured choices
now look at the fruit, of this tree that George built,
fallen to the ground and rotting from corruption,
(and yes, of course, we know there is corruption
in the Democratic party too)
still, the more important is the appalling degree
of incompetence in the choices
of Bush.

Who will change this unfair legal loop hole
of hiring, then firing for No cause?
Any worker, when told they are axed
must have the right to ask,
“What did I do?”
And more,
their humanity deserves an answer(.)