Intelligent Design

believing they are made in the image of God
they will all come to believe they are Gods
each conceiving “they” are the only one
therefore infallible
respond with hellfire when disproved
first with newspeak which has no effect
thanks to George Orwell
screaming “shut up” O’Reilly’s stammer
“I only said it one time.”
Bushes everywhere and all afire
indeed let us teach our children Intelligent Design
how the human species became Great Gods of Vengeance
and Little Compassion, if any
intelligent design that led to the hairless monkey
every inch of the body subject to sensuality
restraining reactions with chastity belts for women
while bearing the heads of men for cleanliness
creating diseases of the body, mind, and spirit
the Devil surrenders to Michael
“I give up – the human species are more evil
than ever I could imagine.”