Frank Gaffney

Center for Security Policy President

in the name of accuracy call it:
Center for Oil Security Policy

newspeaking on C-SPAN:

military: “following orders of their own volition”

Wrong. They joined the military of their own volition,
they follow orders because they have no other legal choice
and we all know it is also illegal for them to speak out
against the war and government policies.

“insurgents using faith for political purposes”
is as well said about George Bush as Osama bin Laden

enemy body count in Vietnam War was inflated
because the US War Lords thought Us populous
would believe that was a sign we were winning the war
now we do not do body count
because the War Lords learned high body count
decreases support for their war mongering
and dub innocent victims collateral damage
Gaffney’s aside is to allow there is a shortage of oil
which threatens Gaffney’s love for SUV’s eta al
how many dead Arabs does it take to fill a gas tank?