Iran War When?

leaked report about US war plans prep:
24 hrs to Iran Shock and Awe
called “wrong, misleading, and mischievous”
by our stute would be ruler

When Swiss Miss comes calling one quarter
of a century later will you answer Arby?

Have you returned to Iran which
you politically could not then?
Are you now the age of your mother then?
And did your wish come true
before she left us if she did?

Swiss Miss did not know then
Miss America’s involvement
in your woe and Iran’s
for This and Thee she now burns
blue candles at 3 a.m.

Were she in Switzerland now
passing secret messages between
Miss America and Mr. Iran
years best Oscar song?
“Wake Up America!”

Let’s remember Iran/Contra
Illegal money to illegal Contra
let’s remember bombing Cambodia
both high crimes and treason
Instead of impeachment we get
Nixon downed by the lesser crime of Watergate
while the Reagan White House got white washed.

Let’s remember the clatter of impeachment
tax dollars spent for a lie all false lovers
are bound to do…

Now remember
all our politicians thus far refusing
impeaching Cheney and Bush.

Is this really the 25th anniversary
of the stupa building consciousness
in that lively rural community in Colorado?

It is dream time in New Mexico Arby…
I’ll trade you a million man march on Washington
and another million women all against war…
for equal rights for women in Iran.