When the People Are United Beyond States

there is Nelson Mendella and Ghandi
reminding us there is a people’s power of the purse
Ghanddi taught us non violent resistance
Nelson taught us not to hate the oppressor
and when the oppressor agrees to stop oppressing
to find compromise
when there’s peace in the heart there’s water in the soul
differences in culture or belief need not be deadly
tick tick tick tick
waiting for the tock tock tock tock
keep your titles just give us our raises
your net gain 1’000’s of % times ours
when the elected state officials
no longer serve both nation and state
must we to have another bloody civil war
it is always the poor who lose most of the blood
it is always the rich who think there blood is worth more
when there’s money in the heart there’s calcium in the soul
come on people now
let’s get together now