Just One More Turning Point, between Iraq and a Hard Spot

Look! It’s a constitution deadline!
No! It’s a’past the deadline they got an extension.
CNN Reports: It only is required it be written,
not that it be a constitution!

Look! the neoCons’ media is crying
about human rights abuses in Iran,
in their prisons, and political dissidents

No! the liberal left is mum why?
They fear the neoCons want another war
well there was the replacing elected Mossadeqa with the Shaw
the release of hostages that got Reagan elected
the Iran/Contra ensuing
Project New America: to remain the only superpower forever
proclaims Iran an axes of evil
“They’ll fall like dominoes”
with US guns pointed north,south,east, west from Iraq
in the heart of the middle east in the original Eden
(when it comes to greed, once is never enough
to be thrown out of)

God bless America
bring her back to her basics
lead not our leaders into temptation
of domination of the whole world and everything in it
deliver us from evil foxes in the hen house
now before they bring about
more death and destruction. Amen.

p.s. please send us a solvent
for woolly eyed Bush apologists