nobody let go! everybody hang on!

nobody let go!
everybody hang on!

new and ancient vendettas
refusing grief and grieving

refusing forgiveness
they will not be forgiven

no body let go!
no body give in!

old wars fought
with growing vengeance

“Vengeance is mine,”
sayeth the Lord.

2006: how many Lords
extracting vengeance?
(after all, did He not
make man in His image?)
Little Gods aka Little Hitlers

2006: how many Swords in Damasks
how many “surgical strikers”?

26,000 years ago is today’s Moon River
3 monotheistic religions politicized
one American Dream stolen
turns rotten with the true
source of all evil: greed!

“Money is only a vehicle,”
my children’s author observes.
And we recall a farmer’s way
to barter, “It is most important
both barterers feel they received
an honest deal.”

for four thousand years
one day per week was enough to pray
today five times a day is enough
well, maybe
maybe time to beef it up
to 24/7, nooo you say,
“Around the world of different time zones
we’re already praying 24/7.”
Yeah and but…the religious three mono’s
are praying three opposing directions
I heard it today myself on God’s Learning Channel
“Pray for Israel”
is there any doubt others prayers went up from
Palestine, Iraq and Lebanon
and Africa and South America?

What’s missing in this picture?

Learning from history?
Is V for Vengeance or Victory?
How do you spell no war ever ends?
Native Americans? Southern Rebs?
Muslims? Christians? Jews?

Learn to ask better questions
poet Paul proffers…

How much blood does it take
too revive a desicated turnip?

d├ętente time?