An American Media Morning

217 million US of A cell phones?
chatter is the measure of the level
of the masses effected by media reporting?
“The” original “sin” was the first question
of any authority figure
from wonder & awe to shock & awe
Gurenica & the United Nations
did a baby passion plant bloom last night?
day 5 of Lebanon/Israel cease fire
David G. Wallace, mayor of Sugar Land
average annual Lebanese income $5,000
average annual Israeli income $19,000
John Hagee proclaims God commands,
“Keep not silent”
we the people call it “freedom of speech”
Christian Evangelist Hagee of
Christians United for Israel
birth pangs of New Christian Zionists
founded in Feb 06 by Texas Tom Delay
with an Armageddon Based Agenda
looking for signs of the end times
Blackwell in Ohio does their deeds
Rev. John rev’s ’em up to
“getting goosebumps of glee”
Conservatives Without Conscious
Post WW II Followers submit easily by fear
then become aggressive when questioned
enabling our current “Empire on Steroids”

Will you hold to hope Huey if I tell you
“Pluto lives!”