NOT the Nature of GOD to March

<..) no matter how you sing it thus nor glory-hallelujahs God does not march. for who are they for who chose die over kill? who chose kill over die? "No," GOD said, "it will not be I who destroy your Earth : what you do o(u)nto others, you do u(o)nto yourselves. God has no nature but what we give to he/she/it/they what say ya'all? God the Unknown the parts known in mind/body/spirit the music/song/dances all little creators creating little bits of heaven now here now there flowers blooming every where what is it with pentameter Mr. Jazz Poet "Only what who holds can be/not released?" i do not know i do know these not pentameter thoughts are broken lines call them poetry, or not i have a printer that cannot/willnot print these words i'll send into space with a click click of my mouse (return address findable)