Marilyn Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

< ..) and diamonds not a girl's best friend but thank her allot lil' ol' hip loosen er does art effect ye ol' keep beggin' the question taking 100's of yrs. or more as the heart desires or not one only species that creates it's own death wish and how do you heal that Mr. Pope? it was a long slag from W. S. Maugham's human bondage to Gaga and Sally sally me 'round again you you with the fear of your charms sometimes the thrill is enough and consummation is followed by what? ownership? trial? error? or few are the sometimes mind/body/spirit unite who wants all of everything at once is wanting to start the fire? i don't know but i know my body/spirit's telling me to rest. i c u c intelligence is possible in our human species to evolve rainbow's end in open hand the other end bluebirds flying down in the valley hear the wind blow "love is a verb, not a noun" goodnight Irene