Oh, Lord of Landfills!!!

I am a landfill
full of petrochemical products, like plastic,
fomenting with battery juices
among other toxic poisons-to-humans
(where have all my Raven’s gone?)

How much longer or lord of the landfills
before the toxic products I’ve been brewing
run free to the closest aquifer?
It is our goal to destroy Earth destroyers,
polluters, litterers, et al unconscious beings.

I am the junk on a fast boat from China
hobbled together out of my original essence:
oil! In that life there was the pride of having lived,
contributed to Nature’s natural cycle of life
and I do know what is viable and what is not.

What politicians rigged recycling to fail?
i.e gave that lady on the hill 72 cents per month
to do the work she was already doing: recycling!
Who gave a contract that allows contractees to decide
not to recycling glass and plastics, but only high-cash items?

Aluminum tin paper and cardboard are profitable,
plastic and glass not so much so dump them;
batteries ,computer components, pollute the most.
Bring it on I say…add them to my soup since
there are more consumers than conservatives.

Did my ravens die from a diet of human contamination?
Is bird flu their rebellion to help me, Landfill, fulfill
the only destination I can choose – destroy the destroyers
of all that nurtures live – i.e. viability, my deepest roots…
know not else but love and life.

Lord of the Landfills, hear my plea!
The sooner the better to spill my fill, it does appear,
I fear, there is no other way to save the source of life.
Give me hope or give me Gaul!