“look evil in the face,” he said

“José, su remember the burning anguish, restrained
by soldiers to witness the screaming of your wife,
as they rape/torture and then kill.

“Those men, their lives, 24/7, are consumed with fire.
It is their death-wish, to find relief from the monster
that lives inside their gut, it is their brain and heart,
and soul possessed.

“No, José, devils do not live underground,
the vilest ones wear suits and ties, direct the play,
uniform and arm the willing that exchange
thinking brain for priestly lies.

“Imagine, seńor, fearing death so completely,
knowing oblivion to be their final fate,
know nothing but destroy.
It is jealousy that drives them Even knowing
all they destroy becomes immortal.”

“Mon, is there no hope for these devils?”

“Yes, José, and we are their hope.
When we Imprison them that they may live
out their lives in solitude and contemplation,
black hearts may turn blue, may turn,
to all that nurtures life and heals.

“Those humans have created Two Christian Gods,
one God hates gays – loves wars,
the other Christians reject riches, to walk
in the footsteps of their gentle Jesus.