Politics of Fear

72 days and counting
expect contradiction
We are Safer,
Be Very Afraid
worked in 2000
again in 2004
3 strikes and we’re out Babe
who knows?
our financial transactions
our communications
our health concerns
who knows are private affairs now?
all Hillary’s got going is the first woman
all Frist’s got going is the rise in Power
and Money for HMO’s
“whom do you trust?”
C-SPAN asks severally today –
72 days and counting…

watching how they keep we the people
death tax VS inheritance tax
morals VS morals
(even as Christians divide themselves)
(even as Jews divide themselves)
(even as Muslims divide themselves)

all the world is watching
who will rethink our foreign policy?
who will remember Les Miserables
seeing half the world starving
what is a poor boy to do?

“Pull self up by boot straps” to those
who have not boots does not compute!

Who stepped on the crack,
who’s breaking Mother’s back?