Rationalizing for Absolution

war department becomes defense department
inheritance tax becomes death tax
our right to petition government for grievances
becomes petition government for greed
as Jack (Abram) Offs
lying liars proclaim “Trust me”
sorry sweet undereducated Georgie W. Burning bush
in a literate world
you can’t fool any of the people some of the time
but you can fool people too lazy or too fearful
to think for themselves
echolalia IS a mental disease
the rich fat man absolves his obesity
by denying any connection of over eating
to others under eating
the poor fat man has no need for absolution
dumpster diving may be his only sustenance
no, dear Sara, if you were alive today you would know
loveliness is not for sale
tis found abundantly free on angels’ wings
Walking Miracles
so to say