Internationale Endependant

Should hearings on judges be televised?
or, did we learn anything?

We all got to see Senator Ted Kennedy shoot himself in the foot
Arlen Specter exposed the deceit of a democrat
while those southern senators exposed their desires;
the overturn of Roe vs Wade

We learned first hand how kings of the hill
wallow in the mud like any porky is wont to do.

But first of all we learned
what is most important in any job application
was of minor importance for elected officials
job history should have been the only subject
starting with the latest decisions and then
proceeding backwards.

Any one surprised?
It is exactly what we are served in every
incumbent running for reelection
if they run on their record they most often
are running on the record of their promises
not their actions…not always
for always, for those who are giving attention,
even politicians change.
Some don’t.
Strom Thurman didn’t stop until he “got”
John Lennon, for example.

The great strength of our judicial system is blindness
as in ever since US began
rightwingers and leftwingers have endeavored to stack the courts
the proof is rainbow pudding
in the year 2000
the Supremes handed down a verdict that caused the Lefts to moan
in the year 2003 Terri Schivo
the Supremes handed down a verdict that caused the Rights to moan
let us call the Supremes the walk they have walked – nonpartisan!
Will the balance between right and left change in 2006?
Who could predict the Honorable Sandra Day O’Connor?

Hippo cratically Iran,
Supreme Leader of Iran Ali Khamene
unpopular with their people
rattles the nuclear option
to rattle the West to threaten Iranians
with the possibility of US bombs coming their way
or sanctions or whatsoever
will keep those Iranians down on the farm.

But evil is always as evil does
Black kettles always calls the pot black like me.
but this is fry day the thirteenth i see
ah’ full moon a’commin’…
the Twins.