i say goodbye to “politics and holy stains”

from where Jalapeno Peppers began:

May 1st, 2005

“…walking wounded: it’s just another mother
bird floundering and wondering at April’s long snow
but now it is May, just a heartfelt away.”

May 3rd

“evolution is intelligent design
when the head lies to the heart
a gut reaction!”

to where politics and holy stains end
here, today,
Fri day is a good day to die

dear reader, you must be
when/if here now
no, it is i who must
and you i want
to say, “hello”


Thank you Ken Peters for the image “holy stain”
as it was your thought for
did but let it go – today I find stains”
very interesting…
(most interesting because i can goggle it and get there
but i can’t hot link it (?)

7:11 a.m. time to say good bye to the old
in order to begin
something new
may haps?


Thank you to Michael W. Eliseuson
for allowing me to steal a few lines
from your poembeticas.