Porter Stansberry Grows A Money Tree

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“People everywhere just wanna be free”

stan by your berry’s folks
Porter’s gonna talk to ya,
and should ya try ta leave early
here comes a warning,
“are you sure?”

first he’ll scare with
“monetary collapse”
“100% income tax”
and then with
higher food, gas, energy, et al
as if
anybody would have money to buy anything
at which point he chalks in RED

first he says “money collapse started 2009”
(or the year Obama became our president)
then, as if you would forget this,
he later states it was starting in the 1980’s
when gas prices started going up

but he tells us how good US has had it
with cheap gas and names countries that pay
$5.40, $6 – $8 per gallon
oh scary! our cheep gas is coming to an end

Porter Stansberry! It is YOU who are afraid….

How much Arab suffering
went into your gas tank today?

“People everywhere just wanna be free”

When Kadaffi kills his own Libyan people
he is doing it with war weapons
made and sold to him by the US of A
and yes
Sir President Barack Obama
it will lesson America’s karma
to destroy those weapons
period and amen.

“People everywhere just wanna be free”