evolution of intelligence by design

of course from natural selection
not hyped up designer advertised
dog-earing Shawn Hanity today
Bill Moyer yesterday
Phil Donahue preselection 2004
while the doctor Phil misses Jennifer’s
Gut Reaction of natural selection
ask one who did not listen to their gut
arriving at the door of weddinghood
boys and girls alike don’t laugh
in the middle of a squabble
about preserving the “sanctity of marriage”
tie the knot of desperate house wives with no clues
Negroponte Iran/Contra
the only need to control the populous with patriot acts
is when the populous disagrees with their government
the most dangerous time for civil rights extinction
evolution is intelligent design
when the head lies to the heart
a gut reaction!

Rich Lowry National Review

says it was a necessary nasty compromise
in Iraqi governance but he
dubs himself an optimist i says
it is easier to be an optimist than a realist?
Leonard Bosswell, Vietnam vet
says the troops knew at the beginning of that war
they could win but were restrained from doing so
which begs the question of results…
Vietnam divided north and south
Korea divided north and south
Iraq divided and there we stand
supporting one side of a civil war
but i’m a realist still crying
for Argentina, Palestinia
Vietnam vets i still hear singing
“We gotta get out of this place
if it’s the last thing we do.”

Look Jane see Dick
Dick with his Weber grille
brother takes ecstasy and “rips my life apart”
Hester Prynne denied the morning after pill
while Johnny jumps up for Lavitra
Zolof’s Columbine
don’t negotiate with legal drug lords
throw some pennies to the paupers
torte reform so they can’t sue the bastards
it was not just regime change
Saddam is wrapped up in a cage
it was about regime change to what?
let’s tick tock back in time for clues:
The Shaw of Iran 1953
Carlos Castillo Armas Guatemala 1954
Ngo Dinh Diem South Vietnam 1955
Nguyen Van Thieu South Vietnam 1965
General Suharto Indonesia 1965
JoaquĆ­n Balaquer Dominican Republic
(kept in power) 1965
Houari Boumedienne Algeria 1976
Augusto Pinochet Chile 1973
(Don’t cry for me Argentina)
Lon Nol Cambodia 1970

et cetera to Y2K
where we revved up to a double barrel
Saddam and for a side dish Aristide
Aristide in behalf of La Tortue
Saddam well oops a little careless
Chalabi was outed as Saddam’s replacement
but power is money so now we have
Chalabi, Minister of Oil
food for oil not being lucrative enough
it’s back to blood for oil
pretending peace in Palestine/Israel
by not mentioning the divisiveness
of the city of Jerusalem
there’s your National Review optimist Rich Lowry
please dot your t’s and cross your i’s
we are in this together
an honest broker would listen to
the Sunni’s referred to as insurgents
and the Hamas referred to as terrorists
boogie boogie all night not long
the Sand Man is coming
is ticked
May Day a very fine day
to remember 30,000 still dying every day
tsunami related starvation and disease
but heys Dick and Jane
see Jennifer run away
desperate not to be a housewife
what the foot and who the hand
and what the man (mostly white)
can allow
that he was wrong or made a mistake
or did not know the answer
(forgive me dear male hearts that have touched my own
but i know you know this song is not about you)
it is begging sometimes borrowed – bless you
all you still walking wounded it’s just another mother
bird floundering and wondering at April’s long snow
but now it is May just a heartfelt away)