Divine Earthling. The Worst Gig?


Beware the pedestal
to be knocked from
for what
Divine Being
has not described
human folly
human demons
human martyrs
(and fortunately)
human humor.

Are we all Gods or Nobody Is?

We all have the ability
to kill, to love
to hate, to love
to scream
like a Banshee God
when stripped
of self
of worth.

Some form of creator knew
babies born beautiful
have a higher survival rate;
somebody forgot
skin deep beauty
creates pain for they
and the beast.

Venus de Milo
Betty Grable
(baby at your feet)

note to grandchildren:
before you tie any type knot
live with your chosen long enough
to see both sides now;
good = happy
ugly = unhappy
learn to inquire
or walk away.
If humans were perfect
everyone would be perfectly happy.

If I can you can too:
catch yourself feeling angry
hold a mirror before your face
know what ugly looks like – for
even great eye candy
will turn sour.
Once you know
you can know others.

(notable end)

the more you laugh the better you feel
so eat truth at every meal