Blame America First

is that to be pre-emptive
it truly is suggestive and defensive
America is a country
Americans are its people
it is semantics Bill O’Reillys’s
as is it always usury that breaks our hearts
lover or governor it is the secret truths
and the public lies that kill us slowly
sometimes fastly
preemptive newspeak strikes
split tongues needed to speak
out of two sides of the mouth
plausible deniability
Blame America First?
and who second California?
billy goat gruff sings
“hand me down my talking points
i’ll belt out of my echo chamber”
cough up those shirts and flag the train
down came the rain and down it came again
grace is amazing but never a given
hate becomes itself
ask Rush Limbaugh who hates addicts
ask phone sex users who pontificate chastity
asked the crucified by angry priests
who preferred money changers in the temple
hang down your head boss mon
hang down your head and cry
even salty tears eventually
turn to warm caressing
love only is immortal
those who love America the most
are critical when she is wrong
no lie to go un turned
speak up Karl Rove
we can’t hear you.