The Bush Is Burning George

Israeli fighting with extremist Jews over Gaza land
extremist Christians hold a candle vigil
for new supreme court nominee
Iraqis killing Iraqis at the behest of America
Extremists so extreme they believe their own lies
summer family reunions spoiled with politics
normalcy is cheating on tests from grade school
thru college thru government officials
to glutton upon the federal trough
oh Mr. Washington go to the Smiths.
“Nerve Will Focus” the Burning Bush demands
“cold blooded killers
with ideology the opposite of ours
they want to shake our conscious”
a description of both ideologies Mr. Burning
the makings of Perpetual War
your finest hour, the same temptation of Jesus.
If it is as you say BB
“To whom much is given much is required”
then what is required to whose who took so much
half the world starves on less than $1 a day?
“You got to understand…”
We understand you Mr. Bush, do you understand
support for your ideology is down to 30%.
Are there still rails in Washington, D.C.?