with beauty always
the test is pride then compassion
with the rejectabels it’s a given
time is but a window to the heart
what tocks out what ticks in
children free
to make pretend masks
have lesser need to grown them
growing old
oh jack and jill so quarrelsome
could i take you by your scruffs
shake you to your selves 20 years hence
where one by one is letting go
of beauty and opinions held as truths
then plop you facing each
down on your seats
the love you shared is still available
come humbly to the feast

Denmark Bush

thankfully he chortles
“I’m not a lawyer”
his voice turned to spoiled whine
“I don’t like it when my friends get criticized
I don’t like it at all”
dignified senate vote up or down?
Live Aid was 20 years ago
Big 8 now
thats long enough
the opposite of love thy neighbor
is Usury
the message from Mohammed
how does one dig dignity our of corrupt politicians?
Mr. Smith goes to Washington that’s how!

George W. Bush AWOL from poetry

He gave to us no inaugural poem George W
nor a poet to bedeck the whitehouse steps
no Frost or Angelou or Eliseuson
He gave to us pretended patriots
dupe most of the people all of the time
founding fathers were mortal men and proved it
when they amended their own constitution
amendments allowing their enlightenment
was of their times and allowed
progressive enlightenment possible
foundations of Freedom
what presidential papers were sealed by George W. Bush?
Clinton gives himself a free pass declaring he had no papers
needing sealing.
Under the new order, papers from a former administration
can remain sealed even if the former president does not
think they are privileged, if the sitting president thinks
they are privileged. Alberto Gonzales said,
“It will not be driven by politics or what looks good.
It will be driven by what is allowed under the Constitution.”
“Which sounds fine in theory, but
once the order is in effect,
how would anyone know
what was driving a particular decision?
He asks us to trust him
to be responsible, honest and impartial.

“As long as Gods are males
males will be Gods.”
– C-SPAN caller 4 July 2004

Of Course We Need Another Sandra Day O’Connor

these are those exceptional times
the swing vote of the court
proved the balance of the Supremes
was not democratic or republican
especially by two important decisions
when the Supremes decided in favor
of most republicans
in the 2000 election
and when the Supremes decided in favor
of most democrats
in the Terri Schiavo case
60% is mandatory
if we would remain a country of law
we the people do not want governed
by nuclear options
Mr. Smith please stand up
as long as it takes.

playing our strings with a broken chord

values only line in sand
blurs between betrayals of
wanting proven righteous
an inverted pyramid of lies
taking two to cover one
Dan Rather sacrificed
to Golden Calf of Annihilation
breaking journalists’ pens
neocons plugging leaks
Supreme Court Beings
taking away property rights
and whistleblower protections
securing Secret Government