Poplarville, Mississippi – do George and Laura have eyes to see?

Facing the gauntlet George Bush speaks
to Katrina victims:
“The light’s commin’. I know you can’t see it.
I know I can’t see what you’ve been thru,
but light is coming.

“My mind is on Mississippi now
and Trent Lott on my strings.”
oops, he only said the first part
i’m party of the second part

How in the world did we get off
with the power of one man
to appoint the chief judge
of the highest court of this, our land
with only two years court experience?
Where did the intent of the separations of power
and judges with a lifetime job
goof up the mostest?

Why oh why oh lawdy or anybody who can answer…
Judges can, with longevity, presumably, become wiser
yet, the most senior judge on the highest court of the land
does not become the Chief Judge
why o why ohio
we left so long ago
there’s nothing to rhyme no rhythm to hold
there they go!!!
Pumping the toxic water in the streets of New Orleans
into Lake Ponchartrain already learning
one man’s skin developed a horrible rash with contact
don’t eat the fish, don’t drink the water
it’s getting soupy
what you say is the temperature of the Gulf Waters

“Living, is like getting ready to be dead for a long long time.” – Faulkner

Does the moon shine tonight on Charlie Chaplin
my nails are clacking they need a whacking
the bones on the Mississippians
little Fairy Jumper oh alone alone
mouth of Mississippi
to the bowels of New Orleans
flushing into the Gulf of Mexico
the Rio Grande
flushing in from Matamoros
Katrina blowback messages
‘I’m coming, evacuate”
and they did the class with cars
no minimum number of riders required
while public transportation
school buses
city buses
subsidized Amtrak
still demanded the coins of the realm
to escape Katrina
Burning Bush’s army took charge
FEMA took charge
BB refusing all foreign aid
FEMA refusing permits to medical facilities in place
orders of “Shoot to Kill”
looters that have no food, no water
Les Miserables,
it’s so cold here among the living.

John Peter Principle Roberts

Two years on the judge job
and he gets promoted to
Chief Supreme Justice
with thirteen agonizing month
plus a few days
before we the people can vote
will the 100 million eligible non-voters
awaken now
now while Katrina is still too much with us
tom dingery continues
drop yer boots on the ground cowboy
hug another willing victim
baby boy King George
got a new toy swimming pool
filled with oil
nakedly he splashes about
“See what I did daddy?
I took out Saddam for you
gave evangelicals a Bork clone!”
“Oh give me oil lots of oil
yellow ribbons in my hair.”
And the yellow rose of Texas
dies upon the thorns.

Not accepting aid to victims of Katrina?

“As of Friday, the White House had not accepted any offers…”

Where did a US president get the power to refuse offers of aid to victims of a national disaster and the power to keep the offers out of the news for 6 days?

Day Seven and a Sunday. How many of the rural poor still have no food, no clean water?

The State Department said offers of help had been received from more than 50 countries, including:

Australia, Austria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Belgium, Canada, China, Columbia, Cuba, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, France, Germany, Guatemala, Greece, Guyana, Honduras, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Paraguay, Philippines, Portugal, South Korea, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, and Venezuela.

It’s time for another WPA Mr. President – hire those among the poorest who were affected that are willing and able rather than your giant contractor firends who are already gouging dollars out of the rebuilding efforts in Iraq.

Every day is Monday till the suffering is done.
No hump day.
No Saturday night live.
No Sunday morning brunch.
No forgetting.
The whole world is watching
along with a few celestial beings.

Little Sunlight after Katrina

“Nearly 100 airmen who were scheduled to
deploy from Keesler AFB will not deploy now”
300 Mississippi home boys have permission to
return home early from the wars
Iraq and Afghanistan and maybe more
who’s families Katrina desolated
hunger in Mudville 6 days and counting
who’s eating lobster with their steak tonight?
A new line forms in the sand
those who make deals with the devil
may not cross.

The Goddess of Peace

It is grace that brought us thus far
without class or race discrimination
it is the generosity called tonight on MSNBC
the Red Cross the recipients
the bunglers of 9/11 accountability
we know the givingness of the volunteers
it is the leader now again
need to hear the Soul of New Orleans
and all of Katrina victims.
It is grace that will bring us home.