Washington Journal C-SPAN

today’s commentator is too young
does not remember shades of 1984
perpetual war thru perpetual fear
thirteen times we the people have been blesses
with lower polls and new terrorist threats
one side of Bush’s mouth says we are safer now
out of the other side “there are terrorists among us”
the problem is is
is Bush’s brain awash or is it not?
did he eat a Hershey’s bar with a nano chip
25 hours of call-ins how’s about drop-ins?

how’s about emails pre identified
the same as you identify callers
the United States is not divided in half rep and dem
it is divided in thirds and equality
would give equal voice to independents
supplemented with emails if need

your caller of this moment supporting Bush is correct
it is not Bush’s fault or Trent Lott’s
it is still American foreign policy
Eisenhower and Orwell identified
none are so blind
as those who will not see.

David Rivkin on Torture

“I’m sure some abuse occurs.”
“Torture works.”

Coming from the save mind that believes
25 million dollars will net Osama bin Laden.

“Noncombatants have not the protections
of uniformed troops.”

poor countries need not apply

let’s remember all our wars
as we’ve never done before

secret from the soldier’s mothers
we gave them condemns but not enough
boys will be boys notching belts

torture works it breaks a man
who then embraces his child-self
in Gitmo they get fed thru stomach tubes

renditions to countries known to use torture

Where does your little boy-self David Rivkin

John Roberts don’t cha know it

white Catholic handkerchief boy
don’t wanna let his grandma
die with dignity
he wants to hold that death grip hand
more pain than pain medicines can dull
to hear her scream help me help me
what does Johnny feel
nothing he remembers
left it at the alter
of someone else dying for his sins
who will be next
his grandmother? me?
his’en self?
try floppies
they free the feet
which frees the head
of altar boys and priests for profit
oh Johnny won’t you please come home?

Onward Christian Soldiers Revisited

once upon a time
there were Christians who had reason to fear
government’s control of religion
today’s born agains seek to turn back time
born out of lack of parental love
if their own mother had had a choice
she might have aborted them
fearing death they fight Oregon
and their democratic majority’s decision
of the right to choose death with dignity
those self same Christians
want their religion to be the law of the land
even as they willingly send children
off to war to kill / to be killed
“Save the sperm and egg once united!”
“Save the terminally ill!”
the former gives us unwanted children
which creates abused children
which creates fodder for their wars
the later keeps dollars flowing
into medical megalomaniacs
unto the very last drop of life

Bush In A Magic Hat

pick a judge that angers the extreme right
therein confusing the left and middle
don’t pay attention to polls
you run one every other day
if the extremes are not in control
nor the left nor the middle
who the rabbit who the ears
who the magician who
Will God bless Corporate America?
Deal with the big problems we face
quote’th i Bush
and Bush has no doubt in his mind
that what the world sees as
failed Iraq policy is the wrong picture.
Denial is devastating
at best unhealthy.

October Surprises?

Who’s Fault is Pork?
it’s voters’ fault of course
what they really want is the bacon
that keeps obsolete military bases open
or whatsoever serves Apple Pie

Tom DeLay defends himself with:
partisanship, rogue D.A.,
charges baseless (repeated 3 times
in 5 minutes), premeditated, vengeful,
personal attacks, zealot, revenge, hollow pressure,
then declares:
I have done nothing wrong, nothing illegal and
nothing precedented
Minus doublespeak means:
“We’re all crooks why pick on me?”

Melissa of Pennsylvania pontificates:
It’s ok to support faith based programs
with tax dollars because re Katrina
“They have an agenda.”
Exactly Melissa of Pennsylvania
it is faith based agenda
that is illegal to fund with tax dollars.

No thank you Mr. Generous
I’m not looking for an ornately carved elephant
beautiful to behold agreed but the pork is choking
and wild is free.

Harrisonburg Pennsylvania

why so great the need
to prove your God
thru creationism?
is your belief so strong
to prove a God so weak
as to need scientific proof?
today seeking only four paragraphs
to explain to children
in new text books
tomorrow more book burning?
And when you have your way
day two will begin with Crusade II
How many Christian sects does it take
to prove literacy is understanding
by its nature what is read?
It is October One and autumn reaping
what have you sown
Harrison Pennsylvania?