David Rivkin David Rivkin :(

Early in this mornings program you said
“I don’t think there has been any abuse of wiretapping.”

From as far back as J. Edgar Hoover
we know wire tapping, by our government,
has abused this power,
and spied on people with dissenting voice
including Vietnam War protesters.

My question is why your “thinking” doesn’t include
the facts of history?

Wire Taps and “Chatter”

“The fact that somebody leaked this program
causes great harm to the United States,” Bush said.
“There is an enemy out there. They read newspapers.”

May 20, 2003

“Senior U.S. officials said the chatter
suggests a significant attack inside
the United States might be in the works.”
(full story:

The “terrorists” have long known thru “senior officials”
their wires and phones and computers have been breached
now they know via “leaked…cause great harm…”
was Not to “the United States” the great harm
was to King George Bush por que
now we the people know we also too
are being spied upon via
cookies library cards et al.

What do you want from Washington this year?

Washington Journal C-SPAN 1006

first two callers of the year:
equally highly emotional
with their opposing held truths
rich man praising Bush with holy fervor
poor man bashing Bush with holy terror
a few reports of welfare fraud sets the rich man’s hair on fire
the few reports of now billionaires sets the poor man’s hair on fire
the Left and the Right’s powers held in One Disembodied Body
Thy name of this body is Corporation
Dis Embodied Corporation given equal rights of we the people
How did this happen?
ask George Orwell
failing that ask John Wheat Gibson
The information highway is near complete
with contradictory facts to sate every ideologue

Question of the morning:
What do you want from Washington this year?
For those who who live there who took oaths
of, in de facto, service to we the people,
recall the essence of the tale
of an honest Mr. Smith who Goes To Washington,
give back the dishonorably acquired riches to the people
and take back their honor.
In plainer words:
It’s time to roast the Pork.