Designated Scapegoat

Designated Scapegoat

Michael D. Brown, FEMA

Bush: “You’re doing a good job, Brownie.”

Bush: “You’re fired, Brownie.”

finger pointing is a children’s game
singsong they say
“when you point a finger at someone
the thumb is pointing back at you”

adults that play this game are lethal
in disasters
like Katrina
like Iraqi quagmire
got security?

Cartoon Fires

lets us have a cartoon about Abraham
lying to Egypt’s Pharaoh,
claiming Sara is not his wife,
so he, Pharaoh, will take her,
because him, Abraham, wants more food
from the Pharaoh.

lets have a cartoon about the Pope
controlling two puppets’ strings
one is a Jew being led to slaughter,
like a sheep, the other is a Muslim,
being led to slaughter,
like a raging bull.

a third cartoon might be in order
of Abraham, the father of monotheism,
tossing and turning in his grave, muttering,
“I only wanted them to become less violent.
In their quest for vengeance they were slaughtering
whole tribes of people. I wanted them to understand
and eye for an eye was vengeance enough.”
And Jesus answers from his grave,
“I told them to turn their other cheek, thinking:
who would slap a cheek that turns away?
But look at them now,
ready to set the earth, their paradise, on fire,
over a cartoon.”

Letter to John McCain and Barack Obama

for whom do the bells toll truth?

Dear Senator Obama,

Thank you for reaching out to John McCain who appears not to be attached to Jack Abram Off.

Dear Senator McCain,

Thank you for letting we the people know who you consider leading Democrats to reach out to: Joe Liberman. Independents are fully aware of the kabal that controls the top dogs in both parties.

Yours for a more perfect union,

Pen Chant

(the following are exerts from McCain and Obama’s exchange)

February 2, 2006

The Honorable John McCain

Dear John:

requirements for lobbyists

you creating a task force

but I and others to allow the committees of jurisdiction…
get to work on writing ethics and lobbying reform legislation
that a majority of the Senate can support

a public forum and that those within Congress,
as well as those on the outside, can express their views,
ensuring a thorough review of this matter.

Sincerely, Barack Obama


February 6, 2006

Dear Senator Obama:

I’m embarrassed…I failed to interpret your previous assurances
as typical rhetorical gloss routinely used in politics
to make self-interested partisan posturing appear more noble.

Chairman Collins…with Senator Lieberman,
the Committee on Governmental Affairs
will report out a meaningful, bipartisan bill.

“interest in creating a task force to further study”
…as if to suggest I support delaying

Furthermore, I have consistently maintained
that any lobbying reform proposal be bipartisan.
The bill Senators Joe Lieberman and Bill Nelson

But I understand how important the opportunity
to lead your party’s effort to exploit this issue must seem
to a freshman Senator

Sincerely, John McCain


February 6, 2006

Dear John:

Last Wednesday (Feb 1) morning, you called to invite me
to your meeting that afternoon.

my caucus insisted that the consideration of any ethics reform proposal
go through the regular committee process.

you have now questioned my sincerity and my desire to put aside
politics for the public interest

Sincerely, Barack Obama

Pastor John Hagge

on God’s Learning Channel
this second day of February declares:

“There are two kind of Jews
those that follows Abraham’s tradition
and those that do not.”

“Seventy-five percent of American Jews
are secular Jews, twenty-five percent
are not.”

Give me Charlie Chaplin
who’s freedom was sacrificed
because he depicted Hitler
as a buffoon,

or Steven Spielberg who says it’s time
to admit the sins of Abraham’s seeds
at the same time being proud
of our heritage i.e.
wonderful tenders of gardens.
the truth even today
genocide lives, in the Sudan, Haiti etc.

What happened to the Uniting of Nations
after World War II that decreed
“Never again.”
‘Never again to genocide
and never again to nuclear bombs?”

Oh Israel will you now join
the Non Nuclear Proliferation Treaty?
Will the nations already members
renew their pledge? Will Pakistan, India?
It is not good to break treaties
Nor is it good not to sign them.

Will we go thru another Cold War rattling nukes?
(lots of blood shed during that cold war,
though few American and few Russians)
Or will we start firing nukes
Creating a man made Armageddon
Who will G_d say caused Armageddon?
Those who use the nukes or those who refuse to use them
like, but not limited to, the seventy-five percent
of American Jews John Hagge calls

Secular, in a democracy, does not equate to
absence of religion. And democracy
will never be achieved when there is
tyranny of a majority over a minority.

What is it we want our neighbor to do unto us?
And what do we do unto our neighbor?

When the other cheek is turned who will slap it?

el musico la ciela

if’n the elfin didn’t hear it
he refused to dance if’n
he could not dance he’d
cause if’n he could not play
he’n could not survive
heart of deer
soul of lamb
spirit of curiosity
tiny little steps
so tall the ladder
we all fear
we all fall down
the tree and the bridge in Brooklyn
sold to el casino
it was Brooklyn Indians that owned Manhattan
not the other way around.
There is a path that heroes walk
like Jesus and long hair
wounded but still walking
Today Jesus cried: seeing
all the blood shed thinking to own
Sacred Ground; wondering
why there was no understanding
that all ground is sacred; hearing
110 million orphans wailing, finding
waring Christians, Muslims, Jews; smelling
dumpsters full of rotting foods
But how to go on with soo many sad tales
it is 11:11 Sunday morning
And as we wonder where we are
it’s so lonesome we all should cry.

nightmares into truthmares : the REAL Google

it was China that tried to block Google not Google*
it was Google that refused the NSA request
to turn over their data base
IP’s give location and location is everything
in every bludgeoning police state
or who did not hear a few John Dean screams
from the floor of the house last evening
when Mister President announced Alito
no one heard my nightmare anguish
while surfing when an unsolicited page
extolling US military
popped up
cyperspies in motion
three branches of government under one
uniting power in these UnUnited States