John Bolton: Man of Steel?

Oh John Bolton was
a steel drivin’ man
but now’s he’s the latest in the line
of resignees al la Bush II

Oh John Bolton could
still be a JFK if he
becomes his larger self and writes
how he became seduced
by the ultimate seducer

When steel drives flesh
be thankful if still alive
after the blowback…
hope lives there, too

The ultimate promise
in every eureka moment
is not to repeat what does not work
or causes pain to others

John Bolton won’t you please come home?

Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas

yeah momma
they do learn stuff after they leave home
some prophet for profit grabs ’em
from “Jesus loves me this I know”
they get “God hates gays”
oh papa
you shoulda let ’em boys grow up
to be cowboys home on the earth where
we play with the deer and antelope
God is Good let us share our food
lead us not into the temptation
of prophet for profit
the ultimate blasphemy.

See them frenzy Jane
down at the ol’ Baptist Church
Reverend stirs the brew
“toil and trouble, double”
Rev. Fred Phelps, Sr.
What did your daddy do to you?
Did he make you lie in fear
of his belt buckle?

This ain’t Kansas “Reverend”
this is Nathan Goodiron’s funeral
an American hero killed in Iraq
died for your free speech he did.

Ah Dick,
free speech is how we learn
who the REAL terrorists are:(

bastard sestet for the six o’clock news

even Cyclops is king among the blind
secure upon his throne within the cave
mono vision mistaken for sharp mind
weak sight accepted as sign he is brave
the king has never really been unkind
he’s taught them to gather and to save
they’re starving and weaklings are left behind
but they revel, hoard scraps of food he gave
Cyclops leaving his cave and low, dark throne
wanders the stone cold shallows all alone
dimly seeing the crows worry the bones
red breasted with blood the victims moan
all’s well Cyclops knows and grins at the sea
the blind have nobody to set them free

– Ken Peters