Bree Walker, Today’s Best Person In the World!

Cindy Sheehan learns of real estate and auctions
Move America Forward
would move America Backwards
has money to purn Camp Casey
into a phalanx image honoring
“fighting terrorism”
instead of Cindy’s mirror
of who the real terrorist is
bomb basting shock and awe on the First Day of Spring
Holy Crumpets! Today’s hero can be heard
on KTLK AM1150 Los Angeles Saturdays 2-4pm PT
i’ll put my nickel in that nickelodeon

Oprah Winfrey, Michael Moore and “Sicko”

pick up the ashtray and drink the butts
ashes give the alarm NO
if you saw it then you saw
when the world was too much with them
they supported their chin with their hand
too much with them when the subject was Empire and Africa
when the promise is untold riches
the question is not limited by color
black yellow white or red
ultimate power corrupts ultimately
the Queen of England is still in control of foreign policy
ask Diego Garcia
heartstrings sing the sorrow of Holy Empire
what’s in the mind of the man who propelled himself
in front of our very eyes into the Pope’s popemobile?

demented minds only see too much
the Holy minds see ancestral control eternal
the innocents see too much blood

when the Holy becomes mundane
the Mundane becomes more holy
i just gotta have another cigarette

sorry there are no indigenous people here
in our ape likeness we continue to defend “our piece of land”
and expand this “property” as we can
we all have immigrant blood in our veins
will the real humans, of proclaimed evolution,
stop their territorial border fighting
and save the source that sustains us all —
this planet Earth?

(“Sicko” – Michael Moore’s new documentary)

political debates

what’ll i do without my politic
for what is partisan but an inclination for
and an impediment to clearly seeing
both sides of any disagreement
when partisan turns to stone
ugly wars happen like
spinning only digs the well deeper

it need not be so hard to accept
one’s own mistaken belief
spinning – like flip-flops like
one is not trustworthy if they change their mind
in the face of a better idea?
it is the face of unfounded fear
that would turn the US Constitution into stone
like a religion that turns their founders into stone

but we can dream
of political debates that addresses our greatest concerns
like requiring candidates to accept only public financing
instead of lip service to this ideal
which would free all candidates from prostituting themselves
i.e. willing to do whatever it takes to be number one
including ceding presidential and congressional powers
to the largest dollar donors

Hillary Clinton Buys A Sound Byte

“The differences between us are minor.
The differences between us and the Republicans are major.”

how much did it cost Hillary,
to buy the byte
only a top dog might use?
did the writer of this byte puff with pride
with this morning’s repetition of it?

what 2 pluses does Hillary have?
1) our first woman president
2) a Democrat
oh yeah, there is a third
3) the shakers of the money tree

what will the top dogs,
Democrat and Republican never pass into law?
public campaign financing(.)

Bush Evangelican NeoCon Cons

If we leave Iraq “they” will follow us here
They are here and threatened to blow up the JFK airport
Is that like blowing up John Fitzgerald Kennedy
No, we’ve already done that
Sha La La La La La live for today
you can’t sell boogie to a rock that’s rolled
ka ka sh ka

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed that is the only thing that has.” – Margaret Mead

“Never doubt that a small group of possessed religious can destroy the world; indeed that is the only thing that has.” – Margaret Mead’s Ghost

“Jerry Falwell was 5 minutes of hate followed by 5 minutes of commercials.” – Allan Wolfe

Ode to a Gentleman Caller

thanks and praises to the journal caller

for his ‘what war cheerleaders might do’

divided into three parts:

one group digs the graves of dead soldiers

another group empties bedpans at Walter Reed

third group goet to Gitmo and raises ducks

and sends them to Iraq

oops i gorfot the gentleman caller’s punch line

oh yeah, i don’t remember but it could as well have been

so they could have a duck shoot