Anita Hill vs. Clarence Thomas

It was All about power, Joe Scarborough.

Abortion was only the tool
of both Democrats and Republicans
Democrats wanted to save women’s rights
Republicans wanted to get rid of them
None of the top dogs of either party gave a whit about the subject
they only wanted to give their “base” voters what they wanted.
Anita Hill played the sexual abuse card
Clarence Thomas played the lynch card

I suspect there was a grain of truth on both sides
which is the main problem between divorce and wars
both sides argue their “righteousness”
while children lose and people die

here’s the quirk:
we have two parties, one foreign policy
as long as we the people can be divided on domestic issues
those who control our deadly foreign policy do not care
about our in-country squabbles
the issue was really not about abortion
it was all about

Two Parties, One Foreign Policy

Every thing Republican Representative Dana Rohrabacker
said tonight on C-SPAN, concerning the Clinton administration‘s
foreign policy, was true.
What Dana Rohrabacker said about the reason terrorists hate US, was not true.
Thank you Dana Rohrabacker!
We, US, and the world, know
our current Republican administration lied
to take our country to war.
How much more proof do we the people need
to accept the fact
our foreign policy stays the same and that
our current two party system is failing us?

(Psst! do something)