Comfort Rooms


so comfortable was i with
everyone friendly until
i wanted something then
leaving the ultra comfort
to the not so much still
it was getting late, time
to go home with
no way to get there i
needed a phone but
the guard at the gate spoke,
“You’ve come to the gate several times
I think you should go out now.”
the tone was “risking arrest”
outside the gates lots of private
groups passing time chatting
at tables of 4 – 6 – looking
around for someone with an unused cell phone
on the table i asked to borrow it
as she pushed it towards me i said
“It’s a local call.”
she pulled back the phone looked
at me suspiciously and asked,
“You haven’t been tested, have you?”
i started to explain i was a nurse
and needed to call a friend to pick me up
no one was listening I pounded the table
and said, “I’m desperate!”
and woke up panting…