flowing against the odds


against the odd ball priest
that wanted to hold his against her
she thwarts with pity

against thoughtless friend
who gave an escape-artist-dog
to him who’s 12 yr. dog-friend
was killed by a car

against his cry “don’t-touch-me”
she wades thru his “bag-of-shit-life”
cause we’re all walking wounded
and she loves

against dream robbers he remembers
to pray to powers-that-be to
protect him from the baddies
who exhausts

they would show the way home
if they could…

toot toot goes the trumpet of Zion


honk of you see Jesus
Rick Perry and Cindy Jacobs
blame Beebe blackbird deaths
on Bill Clinton
which one is a false prophet for profit?

hey youse bible thumpers
Beebe ain’t the only
and the book of Joel
thinks milk will flow from hills
so eat the cows

Rick and Cindy
know a cash cow
oh yeah, how they milk it
toot! toot! look out!
a cash cow by any other name
is still
The Golden Calf of Annihilation

to everything turning points


eureka how dee do
i play confused
he play “I gotcha!”
leaving and lefting
see i amused?

howdy doo dee
are U yet amused
or yet not aware
there happened
a leaving reversal?

hear me tellin doc
“I’m confused.”
confused? does that mean
you don’t know who or where you are?
simply saying no
brought the most amazing clarity
between me and my doc.

of course we leaf
afire with consume
yellow green orange brown
walking wounded
are the most forgiving.

no turn no return
in the book of love it is written
“A heart once touched

just another freak flag day


i want to sing you a love song
though the thought will have todo

there were those divorces
as many children ran away
parents never knowing
how painful their reality

they sent back a song
“and know we love you”

hippies now dead
greatful dead now dead
ain’t enough honey for those honey bears

got a thorn in your day?
a giggle in your laugh?

today’s my personal freak flag day
to my carnate and incarnate loves

who is it that ran around the mulberry bush
all on a summer’s day?

In Memory of T. H. Keyes


that we may choose the brothers we keep
we shall not be we shall not be abuse
by brothers who would bleed us and diminish
his brother’s hearth and home
then claiming ownership by blood

for who can choose save their own path
or judge this one right or wrong
beyond what feels
one way or the other

when we can’t say what we feel
we’re in the wrong casa
wrong family wrong friends
we all gonna say things others don’t like
when anger turns red it is anger within
look out!

true righteousness does not shout.
look around you
who’s shouting it out?

seventy how many ways to leave your lover
yeah, singing it Willie,
“Ya gotta know when to fold,
when to walk away,
and when to hold.”

thanks and praises dear Willie
i pray someday you’ll meet
my musical Keyes.

All Night Long Canary Sings


one quizzical eye seeing
one tender throat still singing
one small heart knowing
her last song is the saddest

all feathers dropping
all wings broken
all hope fleeting
his last breath is the longest

and what do they say
little girl little boy
o the world’s not
running over with joy

knowing humankind
making their own Armageddon
foolish foolish not knowing
it is not they who name the day

nor the gods in heaven
nor the satans on earth
nor false prophets for profit
but the last canary’s croak

“I will save US cries the tea bag”
“I will save US cries the politician”
“I will save US cries the self”
there is a choice

when all the cows come home
when clowns dance on pins
when chickens don’t need a reason
will there be eyes to see and ears that hear?