An Ocean Full of Tears


sending you an ocean full of tears
there is no containment here
they come in crashing waves
come hold my hand for someday
we will be nearer the shore
though waves crash still
the fierceness will be less so

ah, the shore…
where land meets ocean meets sky
those sacred moments when Father Sun
rises out of the water in East
descends into the water West

no, we are not there
we are in the limbo of fear
the possible loss of one more beloved
the possible loss of The beloved
yours, this time

you remember the drill, my love
breathe in breathe out
He has the will to live
You have enough for you
and for your children

we can not know the path
individually we are on
it is as my daughter oft reminds me
day by day

my candle burns
my thoughts are weak
my heart stretches
to be near you
i will be there
when the last tear drop falls….