Quoth Michael


On the twenty-fifth of December
the demonic demanded to choose
to birth the next sacrificial lamb
poor ol’ Elisha they’ll name him
again and again

still choppin’ ’em
after all these years
oh don’t you know the demon knows
get’s their women folk to hide
their sexuality so the men folk
fill first with lust, then fill with fire
who’s outlet becomes
after all these years
still choppin’ ’em

“In the name of God,”
some say.
“In the name of security,”
say governments of perpetual war.

“You out there so fine and fair
dancing with the Devil,
knowing it or not,
time to check reality:
He lives within
or nowhere.”

Ya don’t even hafta call his name
the one power He has that God does not
it the power to lie
fakely innocent.

If humans have not turned Earth into Hell
no other life form has,
if the equation is correct
pick up a mirror
to find the answer
“It’s the little things we say and do
that make a brighter day.”