“No, Grandma”


you need no longer give advise
to your grown children
with children of their own
and more…

colors and solutions change
with time and generations
now is a good time to be
amazed, amused, awesomed

“good god great gravel gertie”
eighty good years and now
she speaks her thoughts aloud
and listens

time to count her living angels
and angels passes the veil:
David, Daniel, Tom
mother, father, all relations

perceived perception of time:
one week lasts a month
one day lasts a year
years flash by amazingly

every sunrise a surprise
every visitor makes a holiday
every “holiday” she holds her breath
till the madness is done

so many hours of days to think
questions, unlimited – for now:
out of 114,800,000 US households
how many are singular?

having totally allowed in
the feeling she once knew
of total aloneness and
the first question is why?

Henry is her Jasmine
he blooms thru all seasons
there’s always the gone before
still listening

well only recently
a question was answered:
“We will always hear you,
but sometimes we’re too far away
to answer.”