To Men of Good Will


Come out of the dark side little zephyr
it is what it is and the breakers can’t fix it
all you need is stay in touch
with people known
on the brighter side of life

These are the bad old times
and needed now
every woman a mother, wife, sister, grandmother
every man a grandfather, brother, husband, father
every child in touch with someone who loves them

“Sing your cell song now,” he said, and more
who knows who heard or who would be the echo
James Stewart’s wonderful life still dances
in the light of the moon the band still urges
dancing in the street, dancing to the tune
a blue moon in June
turned silver in December

Old man winter draws near
the shortest day the longest night
fairies or angels not so far
so many comings and goings thru the veil
O Holy Night
one candle lights another
blankets drawn over the shoulders
one heart beats goodnight
two hearts beat goodnight
exponentially becoming
peace on Earth
to men of good will.