Admonishings For Brother Bill O’Reilly

Born into Protestant Work Ethics singing
“Nobody gets a free ride
pull yourself by your own boot straps
if you are not working you are lazy

now billy it isn’t the same. back when
even factory workers were proud of their production
the boss was a friend and gave you job security
it still took Unions to raise the wages, in that
True Capitalism is bleeding the turnip till dry
(all is never enough)

but then along grew looking down the nose
at manual labor and forced to paying taxes
on a war we the people do not support
snobs on nob hill demand humble servants
remember billy when
we became of age in the work force
and the talk was more leisure time for the worker?
Shorter hours better pay pride in a job well done

billy you took the money prestige road
i took the question everything way
now listen, If
the worker was paid an honest dollar
i would agree with your Protestant Work Ethics
(even though you are Catholic and i am 3 times x)
What would a true Christian Work Ethic be?
To NOT BE a slave to Mammon (.)