Judith Miller: Dick Cheney’s Fall Guy

Judy Judy given a pipeline to Cheney/Bush talking points
WMDs et al “evidence” to march US into Iraq war
gets a little time in jail where is she now?
Not to worry, Bryan York aka Fox News,
enters the echo chamber of yellow cakes
and discrediting Joe Wilson.
Who would not ask why the continued
attacking the messenger when Big Bush himself
has allowed he should not have used the forged document.

Why has the media not asked the questions
“who, what, where, when, how”
of the forged documents?

Give us something honest to fear please like
a Vice President Cheney who only yesterday proclaimed,
“Iraq is an enormous success.” or a
Bush proclaimed right to declassify secret government documents,
but only if Libby takes the stand – equating to…
secrets are not secret if they protect Cheney.

Bryan York accuses anti-Bushies of “not believing
anything Osama bin Laden said.” Osama SAID
Palestine/Israel and US troops in Saudi Arabia.

Reading assignment for B. York:
“Anatomy of Deceit” by Mary Wheeler