Cheney Washes Hogs

Hogwash? “Hogwash, what does failure
have to do with credibility?”
Cheney responds to CNN Wolf.
“If we pull out ‘they’ will think
we don’t have a stomach for fighting.”
6 times draft dodger Dick is afraid
wants us to very afraid
not to “stay the course”
like a Custer? well not exactly,
Custer, at most, put his own life
on the battlefield, Cheney himself,
“had other things to do”
like getting richer
“The world is safer now because
we went into Iraq” says Cheney.
And we make the world safer
by taking away US civil liberties?
The world will NOT be safer Mr. Dick
until we overcome our deadly addiction
to oil. A start would be getting over believing
our personal car is part of our identity.