Imus, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson


this is a test
no crib notes will contain the answers
when a human uses the title Reverend
their tests grow stronger by degrees
and their decrees.

when nails are spit
who takes the hit and what are his reactions thereof?
when a spitter of hurtful words begs for forgiveness,
what would Jesus do? what did the Reverends do?
They’re not Jesus you say?
Jesus did not say it was ok to preach forgiveness
and not be a forgiver.
What did Imus do?
He took the nails
Tune in tomorrow…
will the women’s basketball team
be good sports
and accept Imus’ heart felt apology?

When words do not reflect a known human heart
they are words implanted in their innocent youth.
The world is full of deadly hate for misdeeds
The Politicians, The Religious, The Personal,
do not doom us to a world
where vengeance rules.

As long as any person or group holds hate in their heart;
that person, or that group, walls themselves outside
the garden of peace.

p.s Jesus was crucified for political reasons(.)