Rutger’s Loses, Imus Wins


Their women’s basketball coach claims
after loosing the championship match to Tennessee
her team was elated, and moments later
their victory of accomplishments were destroyed
because Imus In the Morning called them
mapy-headed ho’s. (he also claimed they had tatoos,
is that part true or simply forgotten? It matters
only IF they don’t have any – some proof he thought
he was joshing.

They say loosers win, and Rutger’s who lost;
won a world stage for their articulation and talent.

When winner good man Imus loses for repeating
something he had heard on rap music, he loses…
What he loses is extra baggage of people
who claimed to be his friends.

If blacks want to end segregation
they must stop segregating the languages.
If they listened to their children;
black would hear, and whites would hear,
THEY speak the same

There was a day parents sang to their children;
“Sticks and stones may break your bones,
but words can never hurt you.”
Ms. Coach of Rutger’s basketball team
said as much to we the public.

Words, turned into stones are thrown;
the dice have not been read…yet.

If these young Rutger’s ladies
deem Imus is truly repentant of his remarks
will they forgive him?

Even before these young ladies
let us know their decision
the attack dogs have managed:
to get him a two week suspension
to get two major advertisers to pull out
to get him cancelled on the radio
and are calling for him to be fired.

Who’s your alpha pac man?
Who’s your sugar daddy?
Who’s your mentor: Jesus or Judas?